NAUI Cavern Diver

Cavern Diver is a no-decompression course designed to teach you the fundamental skills and knowledge for cavern diving above 100 fsw / 30 msw and at a combined depth and distance penetration less than 200 feet / 60 meters from the surface.

During your course, you will complete a minimum of three cavern dives in at least two different sites within daylight and no-decompression limits, and become proficient in the use of spools and reels, team and line placement, and zero visibility/touch contact communications while following a line, as well as many other skills necessary to be a competent Cavern Diver.

Dive planning (including EANx if used) penetration distance within cavern diver limits, safety drills, equipment checks, gas sharing, guideline deployment and removal techniques, propulsion techniques, lost teammate and guideline drills and emergency procedures will also be covered in your Cavern Diver course.