Heliair Diver (normoxique)

The NAUI Heliair Diver course provides the training and experience you need to competently plan and execute extended range dives that require stage decompression utilizing Heliair and EANx and/or oxygen. You’ll learn the hazards and proper use of Heliair for dives to maximum of 180 fsw / 55 msw that require stage decompression, utilizing EANx mixtures and/or oxygen during decompression.

This course may be combined with the Decompression Techniques Diver Course with additional dives and training. As with all courses, there are minimum requirements: for Heliair Diver, you must be 18 years of age; have logged at least 75 dives, (10 of which must be decompression dives in the environment in which the course is being taught); and be certified as a NAUI Technical EANx Diver, Decompression Techniques Diver unless combined with this course, and NAUI Helitrox Diver or equivalent thereof.