ProTec Wreck Diving

This course is part of the standard sport diving specialty course program and not technical diving. Introduction to OHE but no real OHE dives! No decompression dives. Max. depth 40 msw. Prerequisites: Advanced Scuba Diver with practice.

INTRO WRECK/OHE – (Intro technical wreck)
First step into overhead environment(OHE). Similar to Intro Cave course. No decompression dives. Max. depth 40 msw. Prerequisites: Wreck Diver with practice.

WRECK (1) DIVER – (Basic technical wreck)
Basics how to dive savely into shipwrecks. Reel handling, special movement and other techniques. Use of EANx recommended. Decompression dives possible. Max. depth 40 msw.Prerequisites: OHE diver & Nitrox diver.

ADVANCED WRECK (2) DIVER – (Adv. technical wreck)
Penetration into large shipwrecks with advanced techniques. More about ship construction, search and recovery, laws and others. Max. depth 50 msw. Decompression dives. Prerequisites: Wreck 1 diver & Extended Range Diver.

Various types of specialties for wreck diving. Photo & video // Scooter // Cutting & Welding // Restoring artifacts // Deep wreck diving, ….and more Prerequisites: Advanced wreck diver.