Technical Support Leader

Become a NAUI Technical Support Leader!

The Technical Support Leader (TSL) course is designed to train knowledgeable NAUI Divemasters and Assistant Instructors who are also technical divers to act as part of a support team for technical diving and training activities.

A Technical Support Leader provides assistance to teams of technical divers provided diving conditions and methods approximate those in which your TSL training occurs. Your TSL responsibilities might include shuttling of equipment, removal and replacement of staged decompression gases and equipment, rigging and setting up decompression stations and gases and monitoring divers during ascent and staged decompression stops.

To enroll in a TSL course, you must be 18; be certified as a NAUI Technical EANx Diver, NAUI Rescue Diver, Oxygen Provider and NAUI Divemaster or NAUI Assistant Instructor; have assisted with the open water portions of at least two entry-level or continuing education diver courses; and 75 logged dives with 10 dives below 100 fsw / 30 msw, and 15 Nitrox dives.