ProTec Nitrox Diver I&II

Nitrox 1

This course is also part of the recreational speciality program. It covers all the needs for recreational diving with Nitrox. Contents of the course is save diving with EANx (enrichted Air Nitrox) from 22% up to a maximum of 40% Oxygen. Main part are the well know Nitrox types Nx32 and Nx36. No decompression stop-dives allowed. Maximum dive depth is 40msw – or less, depending on the used EANx. Nitrox 1 is the right education for fun-scuba diving with the standard Nitrox mixtures. Recommended max. ppO2 is 1,4, absolut limit max ppO2 is 1,6.

Prerequisites: ProTec Scuba Diver with practice.

Nitrox 2

The very start or at least an important basement for technical diving. Contents of the course is how to use the different EANx (enriched air Nitrox) gases for scuba diving. Starting from 22% up to 99% Oxygen. Gas change UW and decompression dive planning included. Nitrox 2 course covers all of Nitrox 1, so the the diver could choose between the 2 course types. Nitrox 2 is the right choise when technical diving or diving with rebreathers is planed as the next step.

Max. depth depending on mix (40msw) – but no deep diving course – max. 1,6 ppO2. Under working condition ppO2 1,4.

Prerequisites: ProTec Scuba Diver 1 with good practice or Scuba Diver 2.