ProTec Advanced Cave Diver

1. Intention of this course
After many years of cave diving experience and after the termination of some cave special courses, the experienced cave specialist has the chance to prove his experience within a workshop together with similar experienced divers, and other professionals in this diving range.
This course is exclusively determined to professionals in their speciality range. The term “Advanced” is used for this high experience degree.
Instruction by ProTec Adv. Cave Instructor.

2. Prerequisites
The minimum age is 21 years and more than 100 logged, ambitious cave dives.
ProTec Full Cave Dive as well as 3 Cave Speciality course (for example; cave survey, scooter in cave systems, cave-rescue).
3. Theoretical lessons
Discussion / workshop with exchange of experience.
Analysis of problematic situations and problem solution.
New techniques and products.
Diving scenes and diving areas, logistics, training, projects financing, legal and insurance – technical questions.

4. Practical training
In fact none, some interesting and ambitious cave dives should be done together according to the situation in order to represent the experienced conditions in the practice too.
Complete own cave equipment would be prerequisited.